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If I, the son of a tailor, living in a chawl, having promoted in 9th, failed in 12th, final year, 3 businesses and 6 interviews before transforming myself to someone who made 1.2L per month, can do it, YOU can as well!

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About Me

Born to loving parents, and while living a happy childhood, a tragedy hit our household. That tragedy changed me as a person. I became shutdown, afraid, fearful. I stopped going out, stopped appearing for exams, failed consistently for many years.

But two years ago, I decided that things needed to change. I could not be living in the shadow of my fears. I had to overcome the internal struggle, the fight with myself. I had to let go of feelings that had prevented me from moving forward, towards success.

And I SUCCEEDED! I undertook some very critical and path breaking steps that helped me transform my life.

Now, I am on a mission to impact 100 million lives. I want to help people, currently living in a shadow of their insecurities, to live a fuller, fulfilled life. I want to help them live a life, where they explore their full potential, max out their gift and also impact the world.

6 Qualities

for Developing a SUCCESS Mindset.

Be Optimistic

Being optimistic helps us to being about those changes in ourself that a pessimistic mind would not allow.

Be Consistent in

We are so used to doing different things, that we lose the concept of doing one thing again and again, which can actually make us an expert.

Be Open-Minded

We need to improve every single day to become the person that adds value to the marketplace, to the world. For that we need to be open minded about things we need to learn.

Bounce Back

Make a choice to bounce back every minute even when you feel like things are not going your way. The secret is to keep your energy up all the time.

Be Resourceful in

Our mind is very good in giving us excuses for not getting things done. Give your mind the resourcefulness it needs to getting every task done.

Be Visionary

Most of us live life in auto mode, managing life as it comes. Successful mindset people visualise their future life in every moment.

I Can Help You

To Become Your Version 2.0

My Philosophy To Your Version 2.0

  • Identify Mentor
  • Invest in Personal Development
  • Identify Passion and Purpose in life
  • Learn New Skills
  • Practice Morning Rituals of 2 hours
  • Read Books
  • Take Massive Actions
  • Be Self Disciplined, Patient, Persistent, Consistent
  • Embrace Failures
  • Be Around Like Minded Community

To Know More About

How You Could Become Version 2.0

If I Can

So Can You.

You Were Born

To Succeed.

There Is

No One Like You!

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What They Say About Me.

Anilesh, Head-Human Capital, GSE Renewables India Pvt. Ltd.

A meek and a not-so-confident overweight man was Amol, when I first met him. He was the new guy in the office who was trying hard to adapt to new environment. My initial thoughts  was of man who was unsure of himself. There was always some kind of inhibition when he interacted with his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. I could see the energy in him but no direction.

One fine day he quit the organisation and we lost the regular connect. After almost a year I see Amol again in the vicinity. However, this time he was a completely transformed version of himself. I could see no connect between ‘what was’ and ‘what is’. He appeared healthy. He looked confident. He was not timid and submissive any more. He was sure of what he said and meant. I was thoroughly surprised. That’s when he told me about the ‘Amol Version 2.0’, which was indeed what I was seeing in him. He mentioned about the stages of transition he went through to emerge as version 2.0. He was now man with clear vision and mission to change others like him.

I wish him the best for the noble endeavour that he has undertaken to pave the path for others like him.       

Vanita Ghumnani, Vice Principal Jasnagra Public School (ICSE)

Amol – can say, I’m fortunate enough to have him as my friend. We met when we both were pursuing our MBA and were the members of same presentation group, soon we turned as the best buddies.

Amol was never an easy going person. His dreams were always huge, wanted to fly and was actually working hard too to turn that into reality. No doubt to see him how far he has come in few years. Amol 2.0 version is really a drastic positive transformation from what I was knowing about Amol as my friend. He is were he deserves to be. Happy for you buddy. Keep up the great work Amol 2.0 version.

I wish him the best for the noble endeavour that he has undertaken to pave the path for others like him.       

Version 2.0


Corporate Training

at Talent Corner HR Services.


At GNVS Institute of Management.

10 KM Run

At Hiranandani, Thane.

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