11 Areas of Balance of My Transformation to Version 2.0

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Yesterday, I received 8 calls and few of them wanted to know how I transformed my life and became Version 2.0.

I am sharing my secrets so it can help others to become their 2nd Version.

I divided my life into 11 categories and for each category, I worked on my mindset, beliefs, vision, strategy, and purpose. I did Goal Settings at the deepest level.

I use the below 11 areas of balance and now it’s your turn.

For each category, rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being “very weak” and 10 being “extraordinary”. Don’t think about each item for too long. Often your first gut is the most accurate.

1)   Your Love Relationship – How happy you are in your current state of the relationship.

2)   Your Friendship – Do you have at least 5 people who you know have your back & whom you love being around.

In my transformation journey, my go to 5 people were Jogesh Jain, Somdutta Sarkar, Nikheel Vaishnav, Suman Mendiratta, Piyush Patel.

3)   Your Environment – This is the quality of your home, your work and in general the spaces where you spend your time.

4)   Your Health and Fitness – How would you rate your health, given your age and any physical conditions.

I was 96 kgs in April 2018 and now I am on 84. My goal for 2019 is to reach 70 Kgs.

5)   Your Intellectual Life – How much and how fast are you growing & learning. How many books do you read? How many seminars or courses do you take yearly? Education should never stop.

6)   Your Skills – How fast are you improving the skills that make you unique and help you to build a successful career? Are you growing towards mastery or Are you stagnating?

7)   Your Spiritual Life – How much time do you devote to spiritual, meditative or contemplative practices that keep you feeling connected, balanced and peaceful.

8)   Your Career – Are you growing, climbing the ladder and excelling? Or Do you feel you are stuck in a rut? If you have a business, is it thriving or stagnating?

9)   Your Creative Life – Do you paint, write, play musical instruments, or engage in any other activity that helps you channel your creativity? Or Are you more consumer than a Creator?

10) Your Family Life – Do you love coming home to your family after a hard day’s work?

11) Your Community Life – Are you giving, contributing and playing a definite role in your community?

Are you already seeing some areas where you would like to improve?

Do you have a clear baseline from where to begin your journey towards the Extraordinary?

For the moment, just think about how you are currently rate yourself in each category.