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Amol Version 2.0 – 1st Birthday

by in Blogs. Posted May 11, 2017
11th May 2019, Amol Version 2.0 1st Birthday This birthday is one of my best birthdays ever because I came to know about my existence on this planet, my passion, and my purpose Today, Let me share you my story of Amol Version 1.0 I was always a failure starting from my childhood, education. corporate ...
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It is always a YES

by in Blogs. Posted April 17, 2017
My neighbor’s son, Rishabh came to my home today and told me that he doesn’t like his teacher. I asked him, “What happened?” He told me, Today his teacher asked him to recite a story in front of the class. Just as I started, the teacher interrupted with a “NO”. I started again and the ...
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by in Blogs. Posted May 17, 2015
13th May 2018, I am sitting in a big hall at Ramada, Mumbai with round tables . There were around 25 peoples in the room. There was a man wearing a grey suit in front of us talking about importance of having a right mindset to change our lives. He went on explaining the formula ...
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