It is always a YES

My neighbor’s son, Rishabh came to my home today and told me that he doesn’t like his teacher. I asked him, “What happened?”

He told me, Today his teacher asked him to recite a story in front of the class. Just as I started, the teacher interrupted with a “NO”.

I started again and the teacher again shouted “NO”. I was confused and I sat down.

The teacher thereafter asked another student to recite the story and the moment he started, the teacher shouted ”NO”.

The student, however, kept on going until he recited the story completely. Everyone including the teacher appreciated him and the teacher patted him “AWESOME”!”

Rishabh asked me, Why did the teacher do this with me?”. He was very frustrated.

I told him, “It’s not only the story to be remembered, but you also need to have the ”CONFIDENCE” required. If you permit people to intervene and you stop, it shows the lack of “SELF CONFIDENCE”.

If the world prompts you, NO and you have the confidence, it is essential for you to convert NO to YES and prove it as well. The world will say “NO” in a thousand ways and You are incapable and you can’t do that.

Your confidence has to be boosted on hearing a “NO”. Those who might be trying to bring you down, or testing your self-confidence, need to be given a stronger impactful YES and they instead of interrupting you, start prompting you.

In similar way, If we come across any amazing opportunity and we are not sure of doing it, say YES and start learning how to do it the best.

The power of YES is abundant and limitless. A child, full of energy and potential, never hears a NO and completes whatever he wants to . So, why with experience, we start listening to a NO and also interpret it as a NO.

All NOs are YESs.


Keep learning, Keep Growing, Keep Winning and most important