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Hello Everyone, My Gratitude to all who took their time to go through my post yesterday.

Before, I share the secret formula that has helped me to transform to a new version of myself, let me tell you a story of mine. (Old Version of Amol Karale)

1. Childhood struggle: Born and bought up in a humble family. Dad, a tailor and Mom a housewife. I lost my sister due to cancer when she was 4 years old. I was 7 years old when this happened and it impacted me big time in my life, both personally and professionally.  I started suffering from fearfulness, short temperament, low confidence and negative thought process.

2. Education Struggle: Because of my fearfulness and negative thought process, I failed miserably in 2 important exams of my life. My parents had a dream that I should become a Doctor but I was not able to accomplish their dream. Adding to these, I suffered from 2 more diseases (I call these diseases since to me these were such). One was in my academics – W2S2 (What Someone Would Say!!) disease and another is being overweight (this was mostly because of stress and overthinking). During school and college days, my friends started bullying and teasing me as I had big spectacles from 5th Standard. I had very few friends and always preferred to stay alone due to inferiority complex.

3. Corporate Struggle: Failed in first 5 interviews of my life. I was never confident in my initial journey when I finally got an opportunity to work in Corporate World. All the diseases that I mentioned above, continued for few years in my corporate journey. I always started doubting myself that I am not good in communication skills, public speaking skills, writing skills and was not enjoying my corporate life. I quit my corporate life and started my own venture.

4. Entrepreneurship Struggle: I started my 3 ventures and failed miserably in all of them. But I learned a lot from these failures.

In all these cases, I had one strength always within me – tending to work with energy and commitment. But there were a lot of negative qualities that were pulling me back and I was not able to unleash my full potential.

In 2017, I decided that I need to work on my personal development and started doing research on how can I overcome all the negative energies and feelings that I was carrying since my childhood. I watched lot of YouTube videos on personal development but was not able convince myself to any of those.

I decided to find a mentor or coach who can help me to come out from this cobweb of negativity and unleash my hidden potential. I was ready to put all my efforts to transform my life.

Finally, I found my mentor in 2018 after attending lot of free and paid sessions of different trainers and coaches.

My transformation journey started and the first thing I did was to change my morning rituals that I had been following since many years. It was not easy to change these habits that I have cultivated since long time.

Here is the Secret formula which has big time helped me to transform my life to a new version of mine.

5 am – I wake up without any help of alarm. Before I get out of bed, I show gratitude to God for giving me a new day and new life. After this, I recall my positive affirmations. (Everyone can have a different positive affirmation, depending on what they want to achieve in their life, you can ping me to know details on Positive Affirmations)

NOTE: Earlier, I was getting up at 7.30 am. You would not be able to suddenly wake up at 5 am. I am doing this since 1 year. You need to take a baby steps. (To know more on this, Ping me)

5.15 – 5.25 am – Get fresh and I brush my teeth with my left hand to make my brain uncomfortable. I give signal to my brain that I am ready for change

5.25 – 5.40 am – High intensity prayer to Universe to give me positive energy throughout the day (Ping me to know more details on this)

5.40 – 5.55 am – Gayatri Mantra

5.55 – 6.15 am – Meditation (You need to know the right technique)

6.15- 6.30 am – Powerful Beliefs to install in subconscious mind (Very important to give order to your subconscious mind)

6.30- 6.45 am – High Intensity Advance Incantations with full intensity involving my whole body…This is DHOOM MACHA LE session for me (Ping me to know more details on this)

6.45 to 7.45 am – Exercise with high energy and dedication. I love this session (If you don’t like to go to gym or walk, you can do exercise at home)

7.45 to 8.05 am – Bath time

8.10 to 8.30 am – Writing goals with loud voice.(Its very important. There is a system to write a goal, ping me to know details on Goal Writing)

8.30 to 9.00 am – Reading Book (I have read almost 25 books since 7 months) To know which are best to start with ping me, will send you the name of books)

9.00 to 9.20 am – Breakfast time

2.00 to 2.15 pm – Incantations i.e Advanced affirmations thrice

10.30 to 11 pm – Before going to sleep, again Incantations and giving order to your subconscious mind.

Focus on the basics and everything will fall in place. This has helped me big time and I am sure if you follow this sincerely you will see a new version of yourself too.

All successful people follow the morning rituals which make them achieve their goals in life

If you need a transformation, you need to follow the below morning rituals on a consistent basis and you need to be persistent before you get your desired result.

Please feel free to call me on +91 9594555724 if you have any queries/concerns on morning rituals. I would be happy to help you to transform your life and be a new 2nd Version of you.